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FagorMastercook S.A. is a member of the Fagor Group, which belongs to the biggest cooperative group in the world – Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa. As a member, we are provided with adequate financial, logistic and technological support, enabling us to continually expand both our company and our product range.

The Fagor Group owns 16 factories and is present in over 100 countries across five continents. For years we have offered the widest range of domestic appliances, which currently includes almost 1,000 constantly updated products. Our products are equipped with unique functions, their high efficiency and quality meeting the expectations of our customers. This customer satisfaction is our priority. We thus aim to anticipate need, with research and development receiving as much as 50% of the return on our investments. This has helped us retain our position as a leader in the field of domestic appliances.

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